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Elephant-Book A6/A5

code: 50266/ 50265
size: 10.5x14.8/14.8x21 cm.
weight: 115 g, 225 g.

PRICE : 120/170 THB

- Animal strap is made from high quality elastic material with durable leatherette elephant figure.

- This elephant strap is used for carrying books and equipped with pen and pencil slot.

- This notebook with strap is worth paying for it. A complete set consists of notebook, elephant strap, pen and pencil.

- The cover paper is coated with a glossy finish leading easy to maintain. Our book is filled with 80 sheets of lined cream with eye protection green read technology.

- The elephant strap is finely handmade, rugged and durable. 

- It can be separated from the notebook strap and used as fastener for any purpose of attachment.

- The notebook with elephant strap is overall beautiful, but durable and suitable for use or just given to someone special for any occasion.



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