Due to the global warming period the using material design of green product is adoption to our mind while the designer has also concerned on the functional of usage.

Wood is the only material which is able to reproduce from the past to the future. The usage of wood veneer is also one of the waste from the decoration industry. The usage of waste with the small product is definitely match well with the stationary group.

These has make the designer team came with the solution by take advantage of our group by using our strength of the design to create the best blending ingredient of wood veneer into the stationary product.

In each step, from design and manufacturing process, we emphasize the use of natural materials and use the most cost-effective resources. This can be seen from the selection of primary material is wood. Some pieces of veneer come from furniture manufactory to good use.


To prevent mold on the wood, we use natural oil which is odorless dangerous. Adhesive used on each product does not contain any harmful smells for users. With lightweight veneer, it also helps to save fuel in transportation.

These can be confident that Prow products are environmentally friendly and user-friendly as well.

Thin wood or wood veneer (Natural Wood Veneer) is real wood sliced to roundly 0.5 mm thick, provides warmth of nature to users because it is lightweight, environmentally friendly wood from reforestation.